Changes in Admissions to Opioid Treatment Programs in NYC: 2017 – 2020

With identical examples of OASAS FOIL data from 2017 and now 2020, we are able to see in which communities, admissions to Opioid Treatment Programs have increased or decreased. On the map below you can see increases in red, and decreases in blue. Click on the map and hover over any of the dots to [...]

Opioid Treatment Deserts 2020

New data from the NYS Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) allowed us to map the inverse of what people typically map - a lacuna. In particular, we were interested in learning which Community Districts in New York are Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) deserts. The resulting map shows the communities in New York [...]

OTP Locations and Admission Totals

Our latest Greater Harlem Coalition data from a 2019/2020 FOIL request to OASAS has yielded a map of the location of Opioid Treatment Programs in New York City and their admission totals: Zooming into Harlem and East Harlem you can see the local clusters licensed by OASAS that have oversaturated Harlem and East Harlem as [...]

Oversaturation in CB11

A resident of CB11 has undertaken an amazing analysis of how oversaturated East Harlem is: While East Harlem has 1.5% of New York City’s population, it has 13.6% of New York City’s drug treatment capacity, according to data as of 2019 from NY agency OASAS. The graphic below illustrates how severely East Harlem is oversaturated [...]

Where Are They From?

The Greater Harlem Coalition has researched and repeatedly proven the oversaturation of substance use programs in Harlem and East Harlem using data from the agencies responsible. Our neighborhood hosts many more addiction programs than are justified by our population, by our addiction rates, or even by the drug related (overdose) death rate. Given this, it [...]

GHC Pressures Mayor De Blasio

Our coalition has received some news coverage recently. Last week, Patch reported on the letter The Greater Harlem Coalition wrote to Mayor De Blasio about the significantly deteriorating conditions in our community. And sign-up for email updates by emailing:

Letter to Mayor De Blasio

 Dear Mayor de Blasio:  The Greater Harlem Coalition is a group of like-minded residences and business owners more than 6,000 members strong that are organized and politically active.  We are tired of the politics of old that have done nothing to improve our quality of life, business opportunities, and the overall positive growth of our [...]

New FOIL Data from OASAS

In August the Greater Harlem Coalition submitted a FOIL request to OASAS, the NYS agency that licenses every single addiction program in New York State (and who refuses to meet with HNBA, State Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez, or The Greater Harlem Coalition…) in order to discuss their decades-long practice of locating addiction programs in Black and [...]

Protest at the Lucerne

You likely have heard how some residents of the Upper West Side raised a significant amount of money to fund a legal campaign to force homeless New Yorkers out of the Lucern Hotel which the DHS had contracted to house homeless New Yorkers so they wouldn't be at risk of COVID in congregant shelters [...]

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