Greater Harlem Coalition

Our coalition focuses on the issues surrounding New York City and New York State’s systemic oversaturation of Harlem and East Harlem — resulting in a concentration of people struggling with mental health, homelessness, and addiction in this historic community of color.

Our goal is to balance compassion with the demand that all communities take their fair share. We want to end the decades-long practice of packing programs in this historic neighborhood while supporting our neighbors who continue to struggle with disproportionate, systemic, and generational health, economic, social, and safety disparities.

Our vision is for a vibrant, tolerant, clean and safe community where everyone who lives, works, goes to school, seeks treatment or visits Harlem can thrive.

Please join us by visiting our Donate page, and consider giving whatever you can to help us with outreach to neighbors, flyers for businesses, website hosting, mailing our newsletter, campaign posters and signs, legal assistance, organizing protests, lobbying activities, and other projects to help Harlem.

Every donation is greatly appreciated.

Coverage of MMPCIA and GHC

Who We Are

The Greater Harlem Coalition advocates for a vibrant, tolerant, clean, and safe Harlem for everyone who visits our community, shops here, goes to school here, seeks treatment here, works here, or lives here. We have united to work for a Harlem where families, visitors, businesses, and all residents can thrive.


Raise Awareness

On 2019, GHC led a protest in front of Mount Sinai Hospital

Organize in-person and online events and distribute relevant news and data to our members and to social media to raise awareness. To see past events, click here

Political Advocacy

Councilwomen Diana Ayala led Mayor De Blasio in his visit to 125th street on Nov 2020

Author letters to elected officials and issue public statements to political forums (see past letters). Engage politicians to advocate our agenda, such as forums for district attorney candidates. Advocate for policy change. See proposed policy change

and our advocate

Data and Analysis

Data reveals districts with no opioid treatment facilities

Increase transparency of government agency data by making FOIL requests and analyzing the data. To see our past data visualization and analysis, click here