Who We Are

Thank you for joining our Town Hall on Jan 14th. Your questions for Mount Sinai came fast and furious and we thank you for your passion about the topic of #FairShare. We appreciate the new info from @MountSinaiNYC. More updates to come. Stay tuned

Candidate Endorsements

The Greater Harlem Coalition is an activist community organization fighting to reduce the oversaturation of substance use programs in Harlem and East Harlem that other wealthier communities have successfully rejected. This mission involves engaging with political figures and candidates and fighting for and advancing our social justice goal. We will oppose political figures and candidates who fail to address the disproportionate impact that substance use program oversaturation has on communities like Harlem and East Harlem, and we will support those who are willing to fight to right this outcome of structural racism.  


The Greater Harlem Coalition (GHC) is a grassroots alliance of block associations, tenant associations, small businesses, faith-based organizations, and community groups who have united to support the safety and wellbeing of all who live, work, pray, visit, shop, and study in Harlem – by reversing decades of social, medical, and economic inequities fueled by the excessive concentration of addiction treatment, mental health, and homeless shelters in our community.

Through political engagement, policy advocacy, and community initiatives, GHC is raising awareness and demanding government and private treatment providers deliver substance rehabilitation, mental health, and homeless services in small settings in all New York communities. The GHC also demands a substantial reduction in the density and capacity of addiction programs in our oversaturated community. Currently, the disproportionate density of programs in Harlem undermines patient success rates and draws illegal drug dealers to our streets.


Raise Awareness

On 2019, GHC led a protest in front of Mount Sinai Hospital

Organize in-person and online events and distribute relevant news and data to our members and to social media to raise awareness. To see past events, click here

Political Advocacy

Councilwomen Diana Ayala led Mayor De Blasio in his visit to 125th street on Nov 2020

Author letters to elected officials and issue public statements to political forums. Organize events to advocate our agenda, such as forums for district attorney candidates. See our past letters to New York officials

Data and Analysis

Data reveals districts with no opioid treatment facilities

Increase transparency of government agency data by making FOIL requests and analyzing the data. To see our past data visualization and analysis, click here