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Greater Harlem Coalition has accomplished a lot in 2020. But much remains to be done. Would you volunteer to fight for better quality of life in Harlem?

All backgrounds are welcome. We are especially seeking help from those with experience in law, social media, community coordination, and web development.

  • Legal advisor: Help with our strategy to challenge government agency’s approval of drug treatment capacities and adult homeless shelters located in Harlem
  • Election year strategist: Help with communications with public officials and election candidates. Help write related posts on social media and extract relevant info from media. Help develop strategies to influence the race for Manhattan DA, City Council, Senate in Harlem, NYC Mayor…etc.
  • Event coordinator: Help coordinate upcoming events and zoom meetings, e.g. district attorney forum, Harlem walk through with election candidates…,etc.
  • Harlem advocate: Work directly with our members, which are businesses, community organizations, and block associations, to increase their engagement. Help identify and escalate quality of life issues. Also, recruit new member organizations and raise funds when possible.  Liaisons will be assigned a region in Harlem, so pick a district you are passionate about
  • Social media outreach manager: Recruit new members on social media and develop social media strategy in general. Help create graphics for social media and help with fund raising
  • Website manager: Help with content management. Help improve the navigation and look and feel of the website. Programming or css experience not necessary but can be helpful. Help create graphics for social media

Look back of 2020:

Mayor visit with Council member Ayala
Letters of complaints from GHC and others prompted Mayor to examine the quality of life issues on 125th street

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Interview of our founders by CBS News

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Proximity of drug treatment facilities to schools in Harlem

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Author: Greater Harlem

A concerned citizen who lives in East Harlem

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