(Jan 27)GHC to speak in public forum related to integration of OASAS and DOMH

The support of substance abuse patients in the state of New York is regulated at the state level by the Office of Addiction Support and Services (@NYSOASAS) – which reports to Governor Cuomo.

Under Governor Cuomo, the merger of the Office of Mental Health (DOMH) and OASAS continues to gain momentum and there is an upcoming virtual session where public are invited to speak up on their concerns on January 27th to decision makers in Albany.

WE INVITE YOU TO SPEAK in this forum on how the oversaturation of substance abuse facilities of your community has impacted you and your family. Greater Harlem Coalition will also speak to urge the new agency to reduce and monitor the over concentration of such facilities in Harlem.

To register to speak, please contact them:
-By phone:518-474-4403
-By email:Leesa.Rademacher@omh.ny.gov

To listen only, go to the webex session on this link

Although OASAS and OMH have always collaborated well to serve New Yorkers, the creation of a unified behavioral health agency is being explored as a way to increase coordination of services and support people with both substance use disorders and mental illnesses. An integrated behavioral health agency could also help streamline service delivery and increase efficiency.


As we always say, Albany cannot read your mind.  They will not change course unless they hear from you.  If you don’t tell them what you think, what you are experiencing, what you want done, they will ignore you.  

Your voice can make a difference.  Please contact them, sign up to speak, and ask them why Harlem is oversaturated with methadone clinics when wealthier and whiter neighborhoods have none.

More details of the meeting on Jan 27 are here: https://oasas.ny.gov/news/behavioral-health-services-advisory-council-meet-virtually-january-27-2021 

More details of the integration of the two organizations are here: Reimagining Behavioral Health Services – Overview and Discussion Questions (ny.gov)

Recording of the previous 4 listening sessions can be found here: Reimagining Behavioral Health Listening Sessions | The State of New York (ny.gov)

For previous related posts, see also a letter our members Keith Taylor @Taylor4Harlem sent to DOMH and OASAS here

Author: Greater Harlem

A concerned citizen who lives in East Harlem

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