City Council District 9 Candidate Alpheaus Marcus

Below are Alpheaus Marcus’ thoughts on oversaturation of addiction programs in Harlem and East Harlem:

There has been a huge problem within Harlem where these programs are essentially geared at promoting drug use as opposed to helping end the drug use. Growing up in Harlem I have seen the effects as well as the affects drugs have caused in the urban families. The wasted funding on programs as well as the support of safe injection sites does very little to address drug dealing and the other hazards associated with drug dealing namely gun violence. We must be both proactive and diligent in holding our elected officials accountable for the foreseeable narrative resulting from having these programs especially here in the Harlem Communities. As a community advocate running for city council for district 9 this lawmaking platform will only amplify my advocacy for both the interest and public safety interest of Harlem. Thank you.

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