City Council District 9 Candidate Joshua Clennon

Joshua Clennon’s Website

Below are Joshua Clennon’s thoughts on oversaturation of addiction programs in Harlem and East Harlem:

As a leader on Manhattan Community Board 10, I have been a vocal advocate against the over saturation of addition treatment facilities in Harlem and supported a moratorium on the additional opening of these facilities in Harlem. As your next City Council member, I will seek to introduce legislation to amend zoning text to prevent the clustering of these facilities and to ensure they are equitably distributed throughout our city. There is research to suggest that safe injection sites cities such as New York will save lives and save the city millions in hospitalizations and emergency care expenses. However, I will vehemently oppose the opening of any safe injection site in Harlem as our community has long been overburdened with addition treatment facilities and we must ensure Harlem does not continue to be utilized as a dumping ground and that facilities are equitably distributed throughout Manhattan and the outer boroughs. Additionally, I will support efforts to expand NYC Cares and advocate for Single Payer Healthcare for New York State to increase access to care, therapy, and low cost treatment for individuals with drug dependency disorders.

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