City Council District 9 Candidate Pierre Gooding

Below are Pierre Gooding’s thoughts on oversaturation of addiction programs in Harlem and East Harlem:

I am in agreement with public health experts who have stated that communities in New York City must address the drug addiction and overdose crisis by providing safe injection sites. Studies done by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene have consistently shown that Harlem and East Harlem have the highest rates of unintentional drug overdose. I personally dealt with a situation while running a homeless shelter overnight in Harlem where a guest overdosed on Heroin and her life was only saved due to Narcan. This is a moral issue as well as a policy concern. We must care for our residents and put them on the path away from drugs and towards success. Injection sites placed in proper locations should be a part of that plan. A consolidation of the substance abuse programs into the injection sites – which is part of the sites intended purpose – could lower the amount of facilities needed and take care of the issue the community is currently raising regarding saturation.

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