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Black Lives Matter and The Greater Harlem Coalition

Black Lives Matter. 

The Greater Harlem Coalition (GHC) stands behind and supports Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the many other groups in New York and beyond who are fighting for an end to systemic racism and police violence. 

In addition, the GHC joins with these organizations in condemning the police murder (lynching) of George Floyd. We also support the conversation and policy changes that George Floyd’s tragic death has sparked – a powerful international, national and local discussion centered on the issues of racism, employment, inequality, housing, lending practices, health care, policies that perpetuate police violence, and more.  (To read more about the history of Harlem’s fight against systemic racism and police violence, click here.

The Greater Harlem Coalition is a diverse alliance of over 70 local businesses, block associations, and faith-based organizations, comprising over 4,000 Harlem and East Harlem members. From the founding of the GHC, Black lives and justice for Black and Brown New Yorkers have been our central concern.  Our lens on this complex issue has been to address the historic and ongoing Medical Redlining of our community.  We have argued repeatedly that this practice of oversaturating communities like Harlem with unmonitored drug treatment programs is an expression of systemic racism.  These programs are frequently the ones that wealthier and more privileged communities have opposed and rejected, leaving Harlem and East Harlem destabilized and oversaturated by programs that cater largely to non-Harlem residents.    

Many members of the GHC work across other community organizations.   As demonstrated by conversations on our listserv, many of us have taken action and are having critical conversations to advance the cause of racial justice.  The Greater Harlem Coalition believes it is every member’s responsibility to engage in the work required to be actively anti-racist.  We believe that change is made possible by listening to our community partners, striving for consensus, and actively working together to achieve change. 

Thank you to every member of The Greater Harlem Coalition, to community leaders/activists who are leading this fight, and to the GHC member organizations who are working to build a racially equitable community and city.

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