What is Fair Share?

In 2017, NYC City Council wrote a report outlining the policy of even distribution—fair sharing—of public services, both beneficial and least desirable. Communities of color and lower socioeconomic status, such as Harlem and East Harlem, have historically been the dumping ground for services unwanted in other communities. It is time to distribute these services evenly […]

Drug and Alcohol-related Arrest Information for Manhattan, 2018

Wherever OASAS has sited opioid treatment programs, we find more drug/alcohol-related arrests. Not only that: size matters. The larger the OASAS licensed opioid program, the more likely the community is to have high rates of drug/alcohol arrests.

The Oversaturation of Harlem

Harlem is proportionally oversaturated with social services, including substance abuse, homeless shelters, halfway houses, mental health services.

2008 Community Board 10 Resolution: Moratorium on Special Interest Facilities in Harlem

As far back as April 2008, Community Board 10 of Central Harlem established a resolution calling for a moratorium on dumping social service facilities, supporting the “fair share” of these types of services throughout the city. Moratorium on Drug Treatment FacilitiesDownload Moratorium on Expansion of Central HarlemDownload

CB10 Resolution to Rescind Support for a Mount Sinai Drug Treatment Facility in Central Harlem

Executive Committee meeting of Community Board 10 the members voted unanimously to rescind the CB vote taken at the General Board meeting in May 2018 allowing Mount Sinai to erect a health facility at 160 West 124th Street New York, New York 10027.

Local Organizations

Dorrence Brooks Property Owners & Residents Association The Harlem Neighborhood Block Association Mirada Home Owners Association The Mount Morris Park Community Improvement Association Sugar Hill Concerned Neighbors Group 1775 Houses Tenants Association West 121st Street Block Association The new 123rd Street Block Association (Lenox – 7th) 126th Street Block Association LenoxFive 127th Street Block Association […]

Federal Guidelines on Opioid Treatment Programs

Federal Guidelines for Opioid Treatment ProgramsDownload The attached document from the Federal Government on Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP) lays out a number of guidelines that all providers and licensing agencies must follow: As stated in 42 CFR § 8.12(i)(2), these regulations apply to “opioid agonist treatment medications that are approved by the Food and Drug […]

Location of All OASAS‐certified Opioid Treatment Programs in NYC

Residence of People Who Travel to Harlem for Opioid Treatment

Do not ever let anyone justify the oversaturation of substance abuse facilities in our community by arguing on the basis of ‘need’.

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