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De Blasio’s Legacy

A Tale of Two Programs

Former NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s tarnished legacy as a mayor may be best summarized or encapsulated on one East Harlem block – East 126th Street between Lexington and Park Avenues.

Throughout his term, the mayor relied on congregant shelters in Harlem and East Harlem to house the homeless population that exploded during his term. Wards Island, and the infamous M35 Bus that services it, remain incredible stressors on the viability of small businesses in East Harlem and on the public safety of residents, families, and children.
While failing to effectively address the explosion in the city’s homeless population, and his repeated reliance on placing shelters and supportive housing in the most vulnerable New York neighborhoods, a Pre-K school (with a Head Start, Pre-Head Start and Early Childhood Education programs) has managed to hang on, on East 126th Street.
This facility – ABC Early Childhood Education Center – continues to support vulnerable children and their parents in a safe and supportive environment. However, just across the street, former Mayor De Blasio’s last, defining program – the OnPoint supervised injection site – draws drug dealers and drug users to this block. De Blasio’s Pre-K legacy now struggles with used syringes, open-air drug dealing, and a daily flow of users that East Harlem’s children have to navigate around to simply get to their school.

A tale of two programs.

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