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(DNA) Obama advisor plans to sue for oversaturation of Harlem

As early as in 2015, the issue of oversaturation in Harlem has been a bane of the residents. This article shows Clinton and Obama’s adviser Clyde Williams planned to sue the methadone providers for oversaturating Harlem.

“A former adviser to Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama is taking a stand against the saturation of drug clinics in Harlem and East Harlem. 

Clyde Williams, 53, has reached out to NYU’s Law Center and the law firm Morrison & Foerster to come up with legal arguments to stop more clinics from opening in the area and making sure the current clinics are good neighbors. 

The legal options Williams is exploring involve arguing that the clinics are a nuisance by bringing homelessness, drug use and crime into the neighborhood while decreasing property values and halting economic development.

Another strategy is to look at the agreement between each clinic and its funding source to see if the clinics are violating any condition, such as not providing adequate security in and outside the premises. At the very least, this could lead to safer practices, according to NYU’s memorandum.

Read the article here:

Former Obama Adviser Aims To Clean Up Methadone Clinics In Harlem – Central Harlem – New York – DNAinfo

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