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Drug and Alcohol-related Arrest Information for Manhattan, 2018

When we first mapped the location of arrests for these crimes, the map indicated that arrests are occurring throughout the borough – everywhere except, it seems, Central Park: 

The map (above) with red dots does not, of course, show concentrations of arrests, so we created another map using a simple white/grey/black scale to show low/medium/high concentrations of arrests for drug or alcohol-related crime:

This can be compared with our map of OASAS opioid facilities in Manhattan (the larger the circles, the larger the client base):

The correlation between the two maps is striking.  Wherever OASAS has sited opioid treatment programs, we find more drug/alcohol-related arrests.  Not only that:  size matters.  The larger the OASAS licensed opioid program, the more likely the community is to have high rates of drug/alcohol arrests.
Putting the two maps together to show the correlation:

As we know, correlation is not causation, but what we can say is that the closer you are to an OASAS opioid program, the more likely you are to be affected by drug/alcohol-related crime.  Additionally, communities experience greater amounts of crime when a larger OASAS licensed facility is located in their midst.

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