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Improve Treatment Accessibility

Through the FOIL data Greater Harlem Coalition obtained in 2018, we uncovered that New York State Office of Addiction and Support (NYS OASAS) has allocated excessive drug treatment programs in Harlem and South Bronx, while leaving 36 out of 64 assembly districts with no treatment capacities.

The issue:

  • Excessive density of drug treatment programs in a few New York neighborhoods fails patients with substance use disorder as the further they travel for care, the lower is the rate of recovery. 
  • This also negatively impacts the quality of life for local residents as this density attracts drug dealers who prey on the concentration of vulnerable patients
  • These services are particularly densely located near 125th Street, which is American’s Black Cultural Capital, together with other services such as shelters, harm reduction programs and supportive housing

The data: (read more detail here)

  • Central and East Harlem has 4% of NYC’s population but has 18% of NYC’s treatment capacities
  • 75% of patients treated in Harlem do not reside in Harlem
  • 36 out of 64 assembly districts in NYC has no treatment capacities

What have we done?

Launched a petition sponsored by Color of Change

Wrote an op-ed

In 2018, protest against Mount Sinai’s attempt to add more drug treatment programs in Harlem

125th Street Condition

To visualize how structural racism has led to an excessive density of a wide range of social services on 125th Street along side with many Black Cultural Institutions

125th Street is a Containment Zone?