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2021 Feb Manhattan District Attorney Candidate Forum

The Greater Harlem Coalition is pleased to host the next DA Candidates Forum, where 8 candidates for the Manhattan District Attorney position will answer your questions. See the video of the forum here:


What is the topic of discussion?

The theme of the forum is Fair Share. This is your chance to join a discussion of how the DA’s office can correct the entrenched inequities that residents and businesses in Harlem experience in contrast to other New York City districts. Candidates will discuss inequities of health outcome, education outcome, public safety, and the oversaturation of drug treatment facilities and adult homeless shelters in Harlem.

How does the Manhattan DA affect Harlem?

In addition to prosecuting corrupt politicians, major drug dealers, and illegal distributors of pain killers, the District Attorney plays a key role in implementing supervised injection sites. Traditionally, DAs in Queens and Staten Island have adamantly rejected supervised injection sites, whereas Manhattan and Brooklyn DAs were more opened to them despite their negative impact on nearby residents (to learn more, see WNYC report here and Gothamist report here).

Who are the candidates?

Click on this link to see tweets from all of these candidates at once.

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