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GHC Petitioned Successfully Against a New Drug Treatment Center in East Harlem and presented data to CB11

In May, 2020, we presented in CB11 (East Harlem). See an excerpt of CB11 meeting minutes, and full minutes here

Shawn Hill – Harlem Neighborhood Block Association (10 minutes)
i. Concentration/ Saturation of treatment facilities in East Harlem. Shawn Hill gave
a presentation on the medical redlining occurring within northern Manhattan
and in East Harlem. Please see attached report. His data driven report left many
committee members with outstanding policy questions for OASAS. Several
members were left perplexed as to why so many methadone and “counseling”
centers are concentrated in East Harlem when many centers service people
from outside the community. The committee discussed how landlords often will
take a guaranteed rent over community concerns. Further questions were
raised with the ratios of those receiving services in a community they work in
versus a community they live in. Mr. Hill expressed that those data points are
not available but based on the available data, chances are that people are
receiving services closer to where they work than where they live. Committee
members were dismayed to see the disparity of distribution. A significant area
of interest was the 125th Street corridor and the overall impact to businesses
and surrounding streets and their residents.

c. Lee Weiss – Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Elev8 Wellness Center of New York
i. New outpatient counseling center in the Lee Building on 125th Street
Mr. Weiss gave a presentation for a new center to be located in East Harlem.
With services provided in central Harlem and other areas of northern
Manhattan, the Bronx and elsewhere, they desired to expand this counseling
center believing it would be of service to East Harlem. Several committee
members expressed their concerns over yet another center coming to our
community. Many of the questions revolved around saturation and “the need”
for expansion. Mr. Weiss finally expressed that if the community does not desire
Elev8 to expand in this district, he would respect that request and withdraw
pursuing a letter.
UPDATE: Subsequent to our meeting, Mr. Weiss has withdrawn his request.

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