Research on Drug Treatment Facilities

Below is a list of data sources and reference material we have used to derive our analysis on oversaturation of drug treatment facilities. Also, see this link for all Harlem’s methadone centers and their capacities.

Oversaturation of drug treatment centers fuels drug related crimes in the area and overdose deaths of Harlem and non-Harlem residents


Lack of buprenorphine access – MAT Act:

BAckground information on opioid epidemic and activism aimed to push back on placement of drug treatment clinics

  • 2020 Mar: NYC Bronx: A packed townhall meeting pushed back on proposed drug treatment center on Councilman Gjonaj – (
  • 2019 Nov: Philadelphia: Residents push back on safe injection site– (NPR)
  • 2019: Baltimore complaint of oversaturation (Baltimore sun)
  • 2018 Sept: Nationwide background info: In 8 years, deaths caused by overdoes doubled. In 2017, opioid related death claimed 49,068 lives, plus cocaine related death claimed 72,306 lives – (
  • 2018 May: NYC Inwood & others: Mayor, with support from NYPD, planned 4 new safe injection sites, called “Overdose prevention centers” in Gowanus, Washington heights, midtown and the Bronx despite witnessing quality of life issues in Canada caused by these sites – (NY Daily News, The Daily Wire)
  • 2017: NYC Harlem: 231 bed $25M drug treatment center opened on Wards Island – (
  • 2017: Orange country in California: Investigated into homelessness caused by California becoming a “hub for rehab” – (
  • 2017: North New Jersey: Neighbors demand to know how ‘rehab’ house opened without notification – (
  • 2011: NYC Financial District: Pushed back on expansion of Maiden Lane Methadone clinic- (DNAinfo)
  • 1997: White Plains filed lawsuit (
  • 1970: RedHook – Methadone clinic divides Red Hook (NYT)

Lawsuits filed against drug treatment clinics

Unsuccessful attempts to add zoning restriction or removal of zoning restriction due to ADA violation

Useful background information of how the drug treatment industry is structured and funded AND REGULATED:

Useful data sources for research:

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