Resources for Research and Analysis

Below is a list of data sources and reference material we have used to derive our analysis on oversaturation of drug treatment facilities and homeless shelters:

Oversaturation of drug treatment centers fuels drug related crimes in the area and overdose deaths of Harlem and non-Harlem residents

BAckground information on opioid epidemic and activism aimed to push back on placement of drug treatment clinics

  • 2020 Mar: NYC Bronx: A packed townhall meeting pushed back on proposed drug treatment center on Councilman Gjonaj – (
  • 2019 Nov: Philadelphia: Residents push back on safe injection site– (NPR)
  • 2018 Sept: Nationwide background info: In 8 years, deaths caused by overdoes doubled. In 2017, opioid related death claimed 49,068 lives, plus cocaine related death claimed 72,306 lives – (
  • 2018 May: NYC Inwood & others: Mayor, with support from NYPD, planned 4 new safe injection sites, called “Overdose prevention centers” in Gowanus, Washington heights, midtown and the Bronx despite witnessing quality of life issues in Canada caused by these sites – (NY Daily News, The Daily Wire)
  • 2017: NYC Harlem: 231 bed $25M drug treatment center opened on Wards Island – (
  • 2017: Orange country in California: Investigated into homelessness caused by California becoming a “hub for rehab” – (
  • 2017: North New Jersey: Neighbors demand to know how ‘rehab’ house opened without notification – (
  • 2011: NYC Financial District: Pushed back on expansion of Maiden Lane Methadone clinic- (DNAinfo)


Useful background information of how the drug treatment industry is structured and funded AND REGULATED:

  • 2020: Lack of drug treatment in rural areas in upstate New York and over concentration in NYC (
  • 2020 Oct: OASAS and Department of Mental Health might merge (
  • 2020 Jul: Substance abuse treatment programs warn of ‘dire’ consequences from cuts – (,
  • 2019 April: OASAS revised guidance in recertification to include DCP (Diversion Control Plan) to control resell of dispensed drugs – (OASAS)
  • 2019: OASAS certification application process – (SMA form, OASAS increase form, Instructions for the form, waiver form, introduction, actual regulation, accreditation program)
  • 2019: Wards Island Homeless Shelter Gets New Deal Despite Troubles – (THE CITY)
  • 2017: Minutes recording OASAS’ process of allocating capacities to Binghamton and the key metrics of AMA (Against Medical Discharge) as key success metrics (
  • 2014: research of variation in treatment received by different race and income groups in NYC – (
  • Insurers resisted covering drug rehab. Then her son overdosed and died– (Vox)

Useful data sources for research: