News Articles on Quality of Life Issues driven by Harm Reduction Facilities

Below are selected news coverage regarding quality of life issues driven by oversaturation of drug treatment clinics

Below are selected news articles covering the arrests of drug dealers in Harlem. Oversaturation directly contribute to drug related criminal activities in Harlem and put undue burden on the police forces in Harlem:

  1. 2020 Dec: 14 drug dealers arrested
  2. 2019 Apr : 20M In Narcotics Found In Harlem
  3. 2019 Mar: This block in Harlem has become ‘flea market for drugs’
  4. 2019 Feb: charged in drug dealing on 123 street near 5 schools
  5. 2015 Sept 19 men associated with drug dealing have been indicted for possessing and selling crack cocaine
  6. 2011 Feb: More than a dozen busted for drug dealing on 137 Street
Oversaturation of drug treatment centers fuels drug related crimes in the area and overdose deaths of Harlem and non-Harlem residents