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A series of news coverage of GHC after the safe injection site was installed in Dec 2021

Despite our years of complaints about the excessive number of drug treatment programs and harm reduction programs in Harlem, the government doubled down and added the Nation’s first safe injection site in Harlem on 126th Street without community inputs. We participated in a protest for Fair Share (see more about the protest in this page and our video) and below are some of the ensuing news coverage related to the topic:

1. WNYC interviewed GHC members during the protest:

2. PBS News Hour coverage of site injection site and the issue of oversaturation

3. Gothamist in-depth coverage of the over-saturation conditions in Harlem

4. Black News Channel’s interview of our founder

5. CBS Interviewed our founder

6. NY Post’s report on the rally. Sadly, the Post distorted our intent in the title. We protested to ask for Fair Share. The protest does not target the safe injection site.

7. Urban Omnibus issued a detailed research article about the conditions in Harlem

8. Patch reports first safe injection site in East Harlem and interviewed our Founder

9. reports Al Sharpton’s concerns of oversaturation of Harlem

10. New York Times’ first reporting of the safe injection site quoting our members:

11. Washington Post’s coverage quoting our members:

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