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Report Illegal Drug Dealing

If you see a drug deal occurring, it’s imperative that you discretely note the particulars, then get to a place of safety and report it.

Why? Because what gets measured gets action.

When you report drug dealing using this simple 311 page, this report is entered into the city’s database and will drive numbers and dollars being directed to our community.

If you don’t report it, it didn’t happen as far as the city is concerned.

(Remember to call 911 to report in-progress use or sale (dealing) of illegal drugs currently in progress, and individuals in distress.)

Click the link below to anonymously report the use of illegal drugs in the past, for every instance of the illegal sale of drugs, chronic drug dealing, and individuals involved in such activities. Or, if you’d rather use the phone, simply call 311.

Remember to bookmark this link so you have it available when needed.

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