2022 Assembly Candidates Forum

Missed the 2022 Harlem candidates forum? Here are the recordings and candidates’ answers to our survey. Remember to vote on June 28!! Click on our page to find a range of voting resources.

Greater Harlem Coalition and our block members are grateful for your civic engagement for the upcoming election in June 28. If you missed the forums on June 2 and 9th, you can view a recording here. Come out to vote for a candidate who opposes oversaturation and have a plan to achieve Fair Share. There is no better way to fight for #FairShare4Harlem.

Assembly District 68Assembly District 70
A recording of the event:
A recording of the event:
Consolidated answers from candidates to our survey:

Here is a list of resources relevant for voting:

Samuel Jackson Wants a Word With You…

It’s early voting season and you need to get to the polls and cast your ballot now, just to make sure.

Vote. Others who have gone before us, have died for that right.

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