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Take Action: Hold Mayor Adams to His Pledge to Not Oversaturate Harlem

Gothamist has a story about the distribution of Opioid Settlement Funds and shows the impact that The Greater Harlem Coalition has had on thinking about oversaturation: Asked whether some of the funds would be used to establish more overdose prevention centers that allow people to use drugs onsite in a supervised manner, Adams said his administration is looking into it. But he added that

“what we can’t do is saturate just one community with them like we’re seeing in Harlem.”

Harlem has one overdose prevention center and there are only two citywide so far. Still, state data show the neighborhood has an outsized concentration of services for drug users in general. Vasan – the head of NYC’s Department of Health – made a point of lauding the success of the two centers, operated by the nonprofit OnPointNYC.
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Make sure Mayor Adams follows through on his pledge to not saturate Harlem with an oversaturation of services that serve non-Harlem residents.

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