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Voter Turnout & Civic Engagement

To ensure our elected officials prioritize the issues GHC focuses on, GHC urges Harlem residents to be more engaged in our democratic process. You can do three things:

(1) Vote in Primary Election

In recent years, most election results in Harlem was determined in the Primary Election as the Democratic Nominees have consistently won in General Elections.

In these Election, many elected officials only won by razor thin margin, so we need GHC members to turnout to vote in large numbers. This way, we can hold our elected officials accountable to prioritize #FairShare

Download this poster and share with your neighbors

Join our candidates forums to learn about the candidates’ views on the issues we advocate for. Join via this link:

The questionnaires completed by the candidates can be accessed here: Inez Dickens, Yusef Saalam, Al Taylor

(2) Join the community board

Every year in March, you can apply to join the community board. If accepted, you will serve for 2 terms. Apply here:

Community board channels the voice of local residents for the following topics:

  • Land use decision
  • Liquor license approval
  • Human services review
  • Parks and green space
  • Youth and education
  • Economy development

(3) Join the county committee

If you are not able to dedicate the amount of time required for community board, certainly consider joining the county committee. It is the most grassroot level of both Democratic and Republican Parties. Over the years, many Harlem officials owe their careers to Harlem’s county committee. When there is a Special Election, where the incumbent vacate a seat before their term ends, the county committee elects the Democratic Party Nominees.  To apply: fill in this form

Here are 4 officials elected by county committee, who then easily won the Special Election opened to the public

Bill Perkins
Brian Benjamin
Cordell Cleare
Eddie Gibbs