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Wall Street Journal: Harlem pushes back on proposed drug treatment center

In Oct 2018, Wall Street Journal interviewed our founder Syderia as we pushed back on newly proposed drug treatment center in Harlem.

By Melanie Grayce West

The pretty community garden on West 123rd Street near Syderia Asberry-Chresfield’s home has attracted so many drug users since last August that the garden gates now have to remain locked most of the day.

In the 30 years she has owned a home in Central Harlem, Ms. Asberry-Chresfield’s car has been broken into twice—both times in the last year, she said. And at 9:30 a.m. on a recent weekday, she declined to walk to the western edge of her block because the drug dealers were already out.

“It’s crazy; people are afraid. And they should be,” she said.

So when details began trickling out about plans by Mount Sinai Health System to build a facility one block north on West 124th Street that would serve patients with substance-use disorders and mental illness, area residents reached their tipping point. Already this block between Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and Lenox Avenue has homeless shelters,

Here more here:

Harlem Residents Push Back Against Influx of Drug-Treatment Providers – WSJ

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