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GHC presented to Community Board 10 Central Harlem evidence of oversaturation

May 2020: See the meeting minutes here. Relevant excerpt included below:

Greater Harlem Coalition (GHC) – Shawn Hill
The Greater Harlem Coalition wants to hold city and state agencies
accountable for ensuring that the programs currently in Harlem enhance the
safety of our community as well as their patients. Mr. Hill reported on data
that was gathered from the Office of Addiction Services and Supports
(OASAS) that specifically corroborates the assertion that the Harlem
community is saturated with substance programs disproportionate to the
number of residents that are addicted. GHC reported that 6.9% of New
Yorkers addicted to opioids live in Harlem but the 19.1% of opioid clinics
are located in Harlem. GHC is also concerned that the large number of
providers and consumers helps support ongoing drug sales in the
Board members indicated that an OASAS representative should be invited to
attend a Health & Human Services Committee meeting, and recommended
GHC to present at the general board meeting in January or February.

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